---==[ !nj3ct0r~(PCA) ]==---


HHHHHHHHH     HHHHHHHHH                                        kkkkkkkk                                          d::::::d
H:::::::H     H:::::::H                                        k::::::k                                          d::::::d
H:::::::H     H:::::::H                                        k::::::k                                          d::::::d
 HH::::::H     H::::::HH                                        k::::::k                                           d:::::d 
  H:::::H     H:::::H     aaaaaaaaaaaaa       cccccccccccccccc  k:::::k    kkkkkkk  eeeeeeeeeeee         ddddddddd:::::d 
  H:::::H     H:::::H     a::::::::::::a    cc:::::::::::::::c  k:::::k   k:::::k ee::::::::::::ee     dd::::::::::::::d 
  H::::::HHHHH::::::H     aaaaaaaaa:::::a  c:::::::::::::::::c  k:::::k  k:::::k e::::::eeeee:::::ee  d::::::::::::::::d 
  H:::::::::::::::::H              a::::a c:::::::cccccc:::::c  k:::::k k:::::k e::::::e     e:::::e d:::::::ddddd:::::d 
  H:::::::::::::::::H       aaaaaaa:::::a c::::::c     ccccccc  k::::::k:::::k  e:::::::eeeee::::::e d::::::d    d:::::d 
  H::::::HHHHH::::::H     aa::::::::::::a c:::::c               k:::::::::::k   e:::::::::::::::::e  d:::::d     d:::::d 
  H:::::H     H:::::H    a::::aaaa::::::a c:::::c               k:::::::::::k   e::::::eeeeeeeeeee   d:::::d     d:::::d 
  H:::::H     H:::::H   a::::a    a:::::a c::::::c     ccccccc  k::::::k:::::k  e:::::::e            d:::::d     d:::::d 
HH::::::H     H::::::HH a::::a    a:::::a c:::::::cccccc:::::c k::::::k k:::::k e::::::::e           d::::::ddddd::::::dd
H:::::::H     H:::::::H a:::::aaaa::::::a  c:::::::::::::::::c k::::::k  k:::::k e::::::::eeeeeeee    d:::::::::::::::::d
H:::::::H     H:::::::H  a::::::::::aa:::a  cc:::::::::::::::c k::::::k   k:::::k ee:::::::::::::e     d:::::::::ddd::::d
HHHHHHHHH     HHHHHHHHH   aaaaaaaaaa  aaaa    cccccccccccccccc kkkkkkkk    kkkkkkk  eeeeeeeeeeeeee      ddddddddddddddddd
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